Wicked Decent Woodworks

The KinDer Perch

Made in USA

The KinDer Perch is an American made, solid wood alternative in children's participation, observation and imagination platforms.  The KinDer Perch is constructed from White Ash and joined together with metal to metal joints so that it can be assembled and disassembled over and over again.

The end supports come predrilled, for extra side rails, or the two included rails can be repositioned to suit smaller children.

Moving the KinDer Perch is as easy as "rock n' roll".  Simply rock the Perch back onto its wheels and roll it wherever you want it to go.

The KinDer Perch ships unfinished, so there is never any question of "is the finish safe for my child?".



1) Exclusive "rock & roll" maneuverability with the attached set of wheels, and stability on uneven floors with the pad feet (patent pending)

2) Fully enclosed platform

3) Three levels of adjustment with no tools

4) Available with 1 or 2 sets of additional side safety bars for smaller children (optional)

The number of companies making products in the area of children's observation, imagination and participation platforms is quite small.  One product has acheived overwhelming acceptance, which has led to an issue which is currently weighing heavily on the minds of many conscientious American consumers.  This product, previously made in the USA, has been outsourced to China.

For consumers who have decided to solely support American toymakers, we have designed the KinDer Perch.

The KinDer Perch has a tools free platform adjustments that you have come to expect, but we have made some improvements as well.

The KinDer Perch boasts:

     -Stability on uneven floors with its pad feet

     -"Rock and Roll" maneuverability with its wheels

     -Metal to metal joints

     -Easy adjustability

     -Strenth with its solid hardwood construction

     -No toxic finish

     -Hand made in New Hampshire, USA

     -Meets or exceeds the following specifications: 16CFR 1500, 16CFR 1303 and ASTM F96303-03

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